Interval Training

Monday 032513

We are working overhead squats for our strength work today. Overhead squats are a technical lift that clearly expose any weaknesses in flexibility and core strength. Check out this post on Mobility WOD that takes you through some mobility to prep for overhead squats. (source) Strength Overhead Squats –  5 x 3, MEDIUM, rest 1READ MORE

Wednesday 032013

Our strength work today calls for box squats. The box squat movement differs from your traditional squat in that you sit all the way down on the box before standing back up. It’s not meant to be a tap and go like we do with butt balls in air squats. Box squats are a beneficialREAD MORE

Friday 021513

Skill A. 3x200m Sprints, Rest 30 seconds between each set B. 10 minute GOAT work MetCon “Coach Lauren K” For time: 100 Thrusters (95/55) 5 burpees at the top of each minute  Extra Work A. Pendlay Row 3×5, HEAVY B. Good Mornings 4×6, MEDIUM    

Saturday 012613

MetCon “Tabata All That” Pull Ups Push Ups AbMat Sit Ups Air Squats Cal Row Note: Score is total reps completed.   

Thursday 012413

Skill 3 x 300m Row 1:1 Rest Ratio MetCon 18min AMRAP 30 Wall Balls (20/14) 15 Power Snatches (95/55)

Tuesday 071712

Skill Max effort HSPU Note: You will perform consecutive handstand pushups until you drop from the wall. Strength Rest MetCon On the minute: 1 Rope Ascent Then T2B for the remainder of the minute Note: You will continue this until you have reached 60 T2B. Your score will be total minutes it took to completeREAD MORE

Monday 071612

This week we will be taking a rest from strength to allow for our body to recovery before we max out. Coach Sean will be leaving Tuesday for a week for a final trip back to California.  Also this week the other coaches have programmed all the workouts. It is time for our coaches toREAD MORE

Saturday 071412

Skill Rope Climb or Rope Lower Strength OHS 5 on the minute for 6 minutes @ 60% MetCon “Nasty Girls” 3RFT 50 Squats 7 Muscle Ups 10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95#) Note: If you are still working on muscle ups you will practice jumping muscle ups or assisted muscles ups with IT band. 

Friday 071312

Skill Broad Jump Balance Work Strength Thrusters 5 on the minute for 6 minutes @ 75% MetCon “Friday the 13th” 7 RFT 13 Push Ups HR 12 KB Swings (55/35#)

Thursday 061212

Skill Partner Sprints (4 x field lengths) Notes: Athletes will use IT Bands for resistance Strength Deadlift 5 on the minute for 6 minutes @ 75% of 1RM MetCon 14min AMRAP 12 Pistols 12 Ring Dips Note: Pistols, 6 on each leg, athletes that are still working on pistols will single leg squat onto aREAD MORE

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