Wednesday 092413

Today we’re testing max height box jumps. Check out this video of the world record holder Kevin Bania hitting a 64 inch box jump. This is RIDICULOUS! Who’s going to give him a run for his money tomorrow? 😉 Skill Max height box jump MetCon Chipper: 60 goblet squat (45/30) 200 double unders 60 (30READ MORE

Tuesday 092413

Strength Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1 (looking to establish a new 1RM) MetCon “Death by Burpee” 1 burpee in first minute, two in the second, three in the third…until you cannot complete the number of burpees in that minute (must jump off the floor on the burpee)  

092313 – FRAN

Yes, you read that post title right…FRAN! There is no better way to kick off an awesome week of CrossFit than with Fran and a chance to get your time on the leader board. In fact, we’re giving you lots of opportunities to get your name up on the leader board this week so showREAD MORE

Sunday 092213

Congrats to everyone who tackled our very tough Saturday WOD, Eva. We’ll be working in a shorter time domain for Sunday’s WOD to allow some recovery from longer WODs Friday and Saturday. MetCon Tabata Push ups (clapping/HR) Sit-ups *Alternating

Saturday 092113 – Eva

We have a tough “New Girl WOD” today. Welcome to Eva. 2.5 miles of running, 150 kettlebell swings and 150 pull ups total over the course of this WOD. There will be a 40 minute time cap and scaling options will be presented. Get your game face on! MetCon Eva: 5 Rounds for time: 800mREAD MORE

Friday 092013 – A Chipper With A Twist

Strength Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 MetCon Chipper…with 3 burpees on the minute every minute (start with 3 burpee) of: 150 Double Unders 75 slam balls (25/20) 50 push press (95/65) 25 Back Squat (95/63)  

Thursday 091913

Strength  Snatch 1 RM Clean and Jerk 1RM Cash Out 1 minute battle rope for max reps rest 30 sec One minute sledge for max reps *repeat 3-5 times

Wednesday 091813

Skill Rope climbs MetCon Max power production: Athlete will choose weight for each activity and attempt to move the most total weight. 2 min work 1 min rest, then 2 min work 1 min rest of the following… 1. Sled push 2. Bench Press 3. Goblet Squat 4. KB swings

Tuesday 091713

Y’all gave us an amazing start to the week with your one rep max front squats and handstand walks. A huge congrats to everyone who PR’d and RX’d!!! Tuesdays workout gets back to basics with deadlifts and pullups. Matt is happy to provide those of you with limited deadlift mobility with a new option forREAD MORE

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