This week we will be taking a rest from strength to allow for our body to recovery before we max out. Coach Sean will be leaving Tuesday for a week for a final trip back to California.  Also this week the other coaches have programmed all the workouts. It is time for our coaches to shine! We have such amazing coaches that work extremely hard in their personal fitness journey and in their ongoing education to bring something new and beneficial to each class that they teach. We will start the week with Coach Craig’s 10-1 ladder workout.


Double Unders
5 minute max effort





Front Squat (155/115#)
Pull Ups
AbMat Sit Ups

Note: Front squats can be performed from a rack.            

Final heats for the men’s competition.

Final heats for the women’s competition.

Final Thoughts of the CrossFit Games

This year the games truly expressed complete fitness from all domains of fitness from triathlons, sledgehammers, and traditional benchmark WODs. There was a lot of heart and soul from each and every athlete. No athlete left anything behind. CrossFit as a sport is such an inspirational event to watch. These athletes work and dedicate a lot all year for this one week. It is so amazing to watch these professional athletes perform and support one another. CrossFit as a community has change lives…so many lives. I am so proud to be part of it and part of all of your lives.