Cindy Chamberlain

What certifications do you hold?

I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and am CPR/AED certified.


Do you have any specializations/areas of interest?

I have a passion to learn what motivates you to be healthy and help you achieve your goals for weight loss, fitness, and sports performance.  I am also passionate about helping women over 40 to understand their changing health and by working together, design holistic (mind, body, and spirit) fitness programs to help you live your best life.


What is your philosophy on exercise and health?

I believe that everyone can achieve fitness goals because I did it.  I was not an athlete in school and found myself severely overweight and completely out of shape shortly before that “milestone” birthday.  I lost 1/3 of my body weight and have kept it off, continually improving my fitness, for 10 years.  I wanted to share that life-changing experience with other people so, I obtained my certification.  Through exercise and nutrition you can feel and look and be your best!  Let’s start the journey, it would be an honor!


What are your interests and hobbies outside of the gym?

Outside of the gym I run, practice yoga, and meditation – all as a ‘yang’ to the ‘yin’ of the gym.  I love photography, home improvement, travel, reading, and the beach.  Family and friends are the greatest gifts and by staying healthy we honor ourselves and are able to enjoy all of these.


What is your favorite quote?

Sometimes you meet yourself on the road before you have a chance to learn the appropriate greeting.  Faced with your own possibilities, the hard part is knowing a speech is not required.  All you have to say is “YES”!  Pearl Clegg