You front squatted as part of Monday’s WOD and we are front squatting again today for our strength work. You will be establishing your three rep max. Many of you have a mental block on front squats, mainly due to the rack position and thinking it’s impossible for you to get that full range of motion.

I encourage you to check out this post from Mobility WOD about solving front rack problems. My favorite part of the post was, “let’s take on the dreaded “front squatting hurts my wrists” horror. I hate hearing this in our gym. Receiving or racking the bar in the front sucks enough, without whining.”

Here’s the video:


Front Squat – 7 x 3, HEAVY
*Establish 3 rep max. Butt must break parallel and elbows/chest must stay lifted for reps to count.


15min AMRAP

15 Push Jerk (115/80)
30 Walking Lunges (15 each leg)

Extra Work