Our strength work today calls for box squats. The box squat movement differs from your traditional squat in that you sit all the way down on the box before standing back up. It’s not meant to be a tap and go like we do with butt balls in air squats. Box squats are a beneficial training tool for your squats and we regularly program them in strength work for several reasons.

– It is a safe and controlled movement.
– They ensure proper form because you have to drive back and down to sit and it teaches you to move with your hips first.
– You can’t cheat the depth of squat. Depth can easily be adjusted by changing the height of the box.
– They help develop powerful and explosive hips and posterior chain. When you sit down at the bottom you have to reengage and drive through the legs and hips to push the weight back up.



Box squat 2 x 10, MEDIUM

We’ve got a longer WOD today. Remember, we’re really working double unders lately so go for the attempts instead of triple singles. Once you master double unders your time in these kinds of WODs will skyrocket. And it’s never going to happen without practice. Box jumps can be modified with step ups. You have several options with the shoulder to overhead so pick your poison.



30 double unders or double under attempts
20 box jumps (24/20)
10 shoulder to overhead  (135/85) – shoulder, push press, push jerk, etc.

Extra Work (optional)

1 mile run