I really want to continue the focus on mobility that Sean set at Metro CrossFit. It is so important for our athletes to focus on mobility not only after WODs but also before. Today’s strength work is the squat snatch. It’s critical that you be warmed up and stretched out for the shoulder work and the squat work to successfully complete this movement.

I highly recommend that you check out this video from Mobility WOD on how to prepare for overhead squatting and the squat snatch. Many of you frequently complain about how hard overhead squats and snatches are for you…they are not going to get better with a focus solely on strength. Mobility is SO necessary for these movements.


Hang (below the knee) Squat Snatch – 6 x 4, MEDIUM, rest 1 minute between sets



800m Run
20 Power Cleans (155/105)
20 Toes to Bar

Extra Work (Optional)

– 3 x 5 Pendlay Row, HEAVY
– 100 V-Ups